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Hasco-Thermic Ltd is dedicated to providing the galvanizers of the world with the highest quality service in the design and manufacture of hot-dip galvanizing plant.

For 45 years, Hasco has established an enviable reputation for reliable, efficient and durable galvanizing plant equipment, having almost 200 references in 34 countries across the globe, from Chile to Indonesia, through to Russia and the UK. We were the pioneers of the pulse-fired, high velocity system for furnaces, which superseded the flat flame system as the most technologically-advanced system available on the market, and we now have more than 170 such systems in operation globally.

Being part of Wedge Group Galvanizing, the largest group of galvanizers in the UK and one of the largest galvanizing organisations in the world, gives us access to an extensive proving ground and the benefit of honest product feedback. And by continually investing in new technology, research and development, we remain the premier supplier to the galvanizing industry. Our customer service starts from your very first enquiry and continues right the way through the entire lifespan of the equipment.

Our expertise enables us to provide you with:

  • Plant design with a view to optimising production
  • Equipment that complies with current environmental legislation
  • Assistance in sourcing a wide ancillary product range
  • Skilled and experienced engineers, ensuring support is available 24 hours a day
  • Performance guarantees which reflect our confidence in our systems
  • Flexibility in our approach where we design to meet the customers’ requirements
  • Kettle changes
  • Furnaces to suit kettles up to 21 metres in length and beyond.

We now offer very competitive rates for the servicing of galvanizing furnaces in a number of different countries, especially those across Europe.


  • Henk van de Streek, Manager, Coatinc Groningen B.V. Netherland

    “The remote monitoring system is a great function for our technicians and plant management. With our smartphones we can check the system status, energy consumption, error messages etc. In case of an error message we can remotely check the necessity for solving the issue”

  • Aleksandr Papiz, Works Maintenance Engineer, Acrow Galvanizing Ltd.UK

    “HASCO`s new online monitoring system is a real breath of fresh air in a site engineers routine. Since we started using this system I have never had to attend site to remedy a fault on the furnace. Information that was immediately available allowed me to find a solution and talk the operative through it on the phone.”


    On a Turn-Key Kettle Change: ‘thank you to you and your team for completing the new kettle change during our Christmas Shutdown .The kettle was in place and ready to start production as planned.’