Access to the Portal for Hasco Remote Solution is via

Access to the Portal for Hasco Remote Solution is via

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With over 50 years experience, Hasco-Thermic Ltd has established itself as a front runner in the supply, design and manufacture of hot dip galvanizing plant.

As part of BE Wedge Holdings, which owns one of the largest galvanizing groups in the world, Hasco Thermic is perfectly placed to offer a flexible approach to meet the needs of customers within the galvanizing industry.

A programme of continued investment ensures that the company retains its position as a premier supplier by keeping abreast of advancements in new technology, research and development.

Offering only the best in customer service has earned Hasco Thermic a recognized and enviable reputation within the Galvanizing field. A team of skilled and committed engineers are available around the clock, 365 days a year to offer service and support to Galvanizers around the globe.

Plant Design And Management

Whether you are upgrading your existing galavanizing plant or building a completely new one, Hasco can assist with the plant design and project management. We have worked with a range of leading suppliers within the industry and can build a package tailored to your requirements.


With a continued Investment in Research & Development, Hasco have developed the most energy efficient galvanizing furnace on the market. Our Smart-Firing System, which can be retrofitted to most furnaces, is 7.5 - 24% more efficient than any other furnace on the market.

The inevitable move away from fossil fuels has meant Hasco have developed an electric furnace, which incorporates some of the principles if Hasco Smart Firing, also making it 10-20% more efficient than any other electric Furnace on the market


Fume Extraction Systems

Dedicated enclosure design, incorporating comprehensive safety systems for galvanizing baths to suit clients work handling systems.

Different types include:

- Cross-Shop, travelling
- In-Line, fixed

Heat Recovery and Tank Heating Systems

Heat recovered from the furnace flue can be used elsewhere in the galvanizing plant. For example surplus heat could be used to heat a continuous flow of pressurised water for the pre treatment tanks or air for a drier/pre-heater.

Overall heat efficiency can be raised as high as 80%


Custom designed to suit varying work handling techniques and plant layout, Hasco driers can increase galvanizing bath throughput and minimise the incidence of zinc splash.

Hasco can design and install:

-Tunnel Driver
-Pit Driers

High air flow gives uniform drying/pre-heating with low heat input. It is often possible to use waste gases as aa source of heat. Their efficient design minimises electrical energy consumption.

Scope Of Supply


The fourth Industrial Revolution is with us and more and more devices are being connected to the internet including our cars and even our refrigerators, so why not the equipment in our galvanizing plants!

There are many advantages to our IOT solutions including greater process connectivity, reduced maintenance, increased energy efficiency and improved quality.

  • Reduce Downtime
  • Improve employee wellbeing
  • Access critical data – from anywhere
  • View historical data
  • Reduce your energy consumption
  • Increase kettle life
  • Reduce zinc consuption
  • Improve quality
  • Take control of your production cycle
  • Improved quality
  • One place for all plant data
  • Accurate Trents and events to be tracked, understood and analysed


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